Terrible Season Ends With Terrible Team Winning Super Bowl

02.01.15 3 years ago 378 Comments



The Seahawks had just secured the insane play seemingly required of a Patriots Super Bowl loss. Jermaine Kearse hauled in a pass that at first look appeared incomplete then nearly turned into a game-winning touchdown.



As it was, it got the Seahawks a first and goal with plenty of time. One Marshawn Lynch run got Seattle to the 1. With more than 30 seconds and a timeout, you would assume the Seahawks would run the ball again, but nope. It was a pick play that was intercepted by Malcolm Butler on the goal line.

The result is the first Patriots championship since KSK became a thing, which is regrettable, but it also means Richard Sherman making the anguished face you see above. And it also marks the return of dumbfuck NFL coach Pete Carroll. We missed you buddy.

Overall, it was a better Super Bowl than this garbage season deserved. Hell, it was a great Super Bowl, if you can get over the part about the Pats winning in the end. Credit is certainly due to New England for overcoming double digit deficits in two games in this postseason. Even if the Ballghazi investigation results in a lost draft pick, who gives a shit? They just won a Super Bowl. Tom Brady ties Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana with four Super Bowls while passing Montana with 12 Super Bowl touchdown passes.

Now if you’ll excuse us, there’s a Patriots Schadenfreude Day cake to cancel.

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