Terrifying Wiimote Add-On Proves Sex and Nintendo Don’t Mix

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09.01.10 10 Comments

If there are two things that people have desperately wanted to go together, and just never have, it’s video games and sex. Whether it’s Lara Croft’s stonking great feminine attributes, getting a nice cup of Hot Coffee in “San Andreas”, or just any of the terrifying fan art you can find if you make the mistake of Googling “Sexy Princess Peach” (example shown at right), video games and sex just don’t fit together that well.

And now, we’ve got the worst idea since “Rez” included a “trance vibrator” in a Special Edition under the cut. Unsurprisingly, it involves the Wii.

Meet the Mojowijo, the latest advance in teledildonics (and yes, that actually is a word.) You don’t need a Wii, just the two Wiimotes, which communicate your pathetic attempts to make love to the person on the other end via Bluetooth.

We’re not sure this isn’t a scam; it’s still in “private beta” and all we’ve seen are computer renderings. But if this isn’t real, eventually it will be, and it will be terrifying.

[ via Wired ]

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