Terry Crews To Conan: ‘I Got Electrocuted When I Was Two Years Old’

10.04.12 4 years ago

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Terry Crews around here. Arguably the King of Viral Marketing Campaigns, the ridiculously ripped Old Spice pitchman just has a certain “it” factor that is just so rare these days. I was once in the same room with Terry Crews as he made his way through the crowd holding hands with two beautiful woman and I may or may not have pissed myself. It’s all kind of a blur now.

Anyway, I’ve always wondered where Crews got his mojo, so to speak, and now we know: he was electrocuted as a child, and grew up thinking that the incident granted him superhero powers. Makes sense. Crews claims that he no longer believes he’s a superhero, but I am convinced otherwise. Dude knows he can crush skulls with his bare hands. I mean, just look at him…


Respect, Terry. You’ll always be a superhero to us.

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