Texans-Bears Live Blog, Second Half

11.11.12 5 years ago 677 Comments

We’ve already had a tie today and now a wild turnoverkkake approaches. Six takeaways overall in the first half. Not until late in the half did the Texans become the first to put together a sustained scoring drive not set up by a takeaway. The defenses were unyielding for most of the half, but Houston has now gotten its ground game going, with Arian Foster now at 70 yards on 14 carries.

There have been a couple issues with officiating delays. Tim Jennings eighth interception of the season resulted in a lot of confusion about whether he was contacted by a member of the Texans before he hit the ground, got up and ran into the end zone. Jay Cutler hit a pass just before the two-minute mark that took the Bears deep into Texans territory (which I guess you have to call Texas) but Cutler was ruled beyond the line of scrimmage when he released the ball. It looked like he was over the line, but Cris Collinsworth couldn’t get over it because he was going by NBC’s unofficial line. Possibly unofficial because it’s a half yard away from the marker.

Both teams seem very intent on throwing deep, amid the rain with passes gliding off the hands of receivers. Yet there have been four interceptions. WEIRD! Jay Cutler has broken off a couple long runs. On one of them, he did a head-first dive, took a hit and labeled as an official Bears quarterback by Collinsworth for doing so. Not sure how that isn’t an insult.

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