Texans-Jaguars Battle For First Pick Live Blog

12.05.13 4 years ago 857 Comments


No fair that this is only the second to last Thursday night game of the season. The Texans-Jaguars suckoff is the finale Thursday Night Football deserves. Nuts to you, Week 15 Chargers-Broncos game.

Presently the Texans are in position to get the top pick in the draft, though Jacksonville, currently in position for the second pick, would overtake them with a Houston victory due to the strength of schedule tiebreaker. The Jaguars, however, can fall as far as sixth after tonight’s game with a win, so the pressure’s Gus Bradley to shake all this meddlesome recent competence and get back to losing, quick.

Then again, all three of the Jaguars’ wins this year, including in the first matchup against the Texans, have come on the road, so there might be some value in pleasing the locals by capturing their first home win since November 2012.

Case Keenum impressed in his first few starts, though had a few rough outings before yet another admirable effort in defeat on Sunday against the Patriots. Given that the start of Houston’s 10-game losing streak predates Keenum taking over as starter, it’s hard to imagine there’s much pressure on him to remain the top QB for the team through the remainder of this season, especially with his Houston connection making him a clear favorite for fans over Schaub. But it’s doubtful that Keenum has played well enough to ward off discussion of a quarterback being taken high by Houston in the draft.

And speaking of Houston locals, some of them are pissed because the broadcast of this game is preempting tonight’s episode of “Scandal” in the Houston area, which lets you know just how much Texans fans still want to watch the Texans.

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