Thanks For Pretending You Had An Offense, Chiefs

11.18.13 4 years ago 34 Comments


Cheers, ’72 Dolphins. Let Mercury Morris choke on the bubbles.

As for the Chiefs, it was pretty inevitable for them to lose counting on Alex Smith to produce more than 20 points on the road without the defense scoring any points. Perhaps the Chiefs can take the rematch in Arrowhead. It might take an actual sack of Pey-Pey to make it happen. They had better take the rematch as this isn’t a team that is beating Denver on the road in the postseason.

Between now and then, there’s yet another showdown between Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. NBC is attaching roman numerals to it like it’s a hallowed event on par with a Super Bowl or Wrestlemania. In this case, it’s a Can’t Touch The QB Palooza.


Unfortunately for the purposes of narrative, it looks unlikely at this time that Wes Welker will be unable to play next week by dint of the Broncos concealing his concussion.

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