Thanks To ‘Hard Knocks’, We Know Mike Smith Wears Sandals In The Office

08.05.14 3 years ago 45 Comments



Just as suspected, the Falcons “Hard Knocks” isn’t shaping up to be the most exciting installment of the venerated series. It’s still good TV, but there aren’t a ton of highlights to share. There was a lot of practice time in the first episode, which generally means NFL Films couldn’t find a lot worth showing us from behind the scenes. Other than the fact that Mike Smith wears Chaco sandals in the office like a chill dad.

We also got to see Steven Jackson show off his art in a gallery, Kroy Biermann watch the reality show his wife used to appear in (reality shows within reality shows!), Matt Ryan be really boring in his car, Donte Rumph explain why everyone calls him Cupcake, William Moore’s giant indoor tree, a kind of bland rookie talent show and Devonta Freeman looking at floor plans. Finally, NFL players looking at floor plans. Just what “Hard Knocks” was created for.

Oh, don’t forget practice fights. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT.



Of course, the teaser for next week informed us that Mike Smith is planning to put an end to the fights, because we get no fun this year. And I suppose practical reasons as well.

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