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that's so raiders

3rd and 48, 11 penalties including several delay of games, one missed field goal, 10 sacks given up, 3 picks, one pick six, and a punter as the team MVP of the game, all equals probably the most Raiders game ever played. You couldn’t get more Raiders unless Darth Raider barfed Stickum all over his Jamarcus Russell jersey.

Late in the game, Husain Abdullah returned Terrelle Pryor’s third interception for a touchdown and Rich Gannon (or maybe it was “other guy”) announced that Abdullah took a year off for a pilgrimage to Mecca in accordance with his Islamic tradition. T-minus half an hour before some site like Slate or Upworthy compiles a bunch of anti-Islamic Tweets directed at him and proclaims Raiders fans all racists. That’s what news is now! “SOME PEPOLE ARE RACISTS:SOME PEOPLE ON TWITTER:TWITTER IS RACIST HURR DURR”

Meanwhile, Arrowhead is now the loudest stadium in the world, and all without piping in crowd noise. Seattle plans to match next week by enrolling Kelly Stouffer to raise the 12th Man flag.

shut up seattle

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