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Shari Herring 2


The 12 Apps You Should Delete from Your Phone in 2014 [Vanity Fair]

The A$AP Walt Tee You Need ASAP [Crosby Press]

Finally, an Alternative to the Much-Hated QR Code [Mashable]

The LeBron 11 Joins The “Gamma Blue” Hype Train [TSG]

Audi Introduces Laser Lighting On New Cars At CES [Giant]

Michael Vick, Juliet Macur, Crime, Punishment, Sports, Society And Life [TSFJ]

Why ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s’ Melissa Fumero Should Be The Net’s New Crush [Warming Glow]

Psychologists Say Our Names Affect What Careers We Choose [New Republic]

Meet The Guys Who Drove Across The U.S. In A Record 65 Hours (In 1931) [Jalopnik]

You Can Get A Burrito At A Vending Machine Now [Vice]

Every Edit You’ve Ever Made to a Facebook Post Is Visible [TLDR]

Now This Is How You Troll Someone With An Xbox One [Digg]

Dick Clark And American Bandstand’s Behind-The-Scenes Anti-Gay History [Grantland]

Insane Clown Posse Sues US Government For Calling Juggalos Gang Members [Urban Daily]

Update: Glitch in the matrix. Today’s Cooler is Miss Shari H. More on her later.

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