The 20 Most Important Meme Watches Of 2011

By 12.30.11

Robo began the “Meme Watch” tradition way back in 2010 before Cajun Boy and I were aboard as a way to introduce new and noteworthy internet memes in a one-off manner accompanied by the UPROXX color you’ve all come to know and tint your online digestion with. Meme Watch has been a hit staple — and a guilty pleasure on our end — ever since primarily because getting to know new memes with the cool kids is a helluva lot more fun than searching them out on your own like some loser.

So with 2012 bearing down I’ve sifted through the meme-y goodness that was 2011 for all the macros, advice animals, and photoshops that have helped define the year that was. I’ve pared the list down to twenty based on Tweets, Likes, Thumbs, Tumbles, cultural relevance, and as a measure of last resort: what I dug most. They’re in (almost) chronological order so you can relive them as they happened. I’m sure you will have forgotten as much of the lulzy goodness as I had, so consider your Friday before NYE made. And if you missed one the first time around it’s new to you!

Click the image for the original, award winning (maybe!) Meme Watch coverage.

Business Cat

The Zuckerberg Note Pass

Chemistry Cat

Completely Naive And Oblivious College Freshman

Friend Zone Fiona

Successful Black Man

First Place Mullet

Helpful Tyler Durden

Fat Axl Rose

Hipster Cop

Bad Advice Cat

We're A Culture, Not A Costume

Pick Up Line Panda

Idiot Nerd Girl

Anti-Joke Chicken

First World Problems

Conspiracy Keanu

Megyn Kelly: Pretty Little Hate Meme

Unimpressed Astronaut Is Unimpressed

Casual Pepper Spray Cop

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