'The Amazing Spider-Man' Throws Emma Stone Out Of A Window

Entertainment Editor

Marvel Australia posted a new international trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man, opening July 3rd. It shows some new footage including (spoiler alert?) The Lizard busting his way through the wall of Peter Parker and Gwen Stacey’s high school (OH YEAH!) and Peter throwing Gwen out of a window to save her. Also, Peter bends a goalpost upright by throwing a football at it. In front of witnesses. And nobody seemed particularly shocked. Okay. That’s normal.

There’s also a brief scene of Aunt May (Sally Field) talking to Peter about his “secrets”. Ooo, I hope it involves that iguana tank full of Kool-Aid points next to the composition book titled “Important Kool-Aid / Reptile Research”.

The new trailer is below along with a few photos to go with the ten photos from last weekend. Unfortunately, the six minutes of footage we posted last weekend has been pulled. They make me a sad panda. On the other hand, any day I get to use our “DEFENESTRATION” tag is a good day.

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