The Best and Worst Celebrity Fan of Each NFL Team

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Celebrities, they’re just like us! At least they are insofar as they eat, sleep and root for NFL teams. That’s about as far as the similarities go. They have lives so impossibly lavish that we can’t even comprehend them. But it’s nice to know when one we life roots for the same NFL that we do. Accordingly, it’s comforting to know when a total dickhead celeb pulls for a team we hate. So let’s make sure to cast appropriate scorn on the team that, say, Donald Trump roots for.

We tried to limit these entries to celebs who have at least vowed to be loyal fans rather than someone who just showed up for one game or picked a team to win the Super Bowl one time. Which is why, say, Kate Upton doesn’t count as a Bucs fan.

One final note: please leave Snoop Dogg/Lion out of the discussion. Snoop has at one point or another aligned himself with just about every NFL team (occasionally at the same time), so there’s no point trying to identify him with a specific one.



Best: Jordin Sparks
Worst: Blake Shelton

Arizona: doing remarkably well with people involved with singing competition shows.

Others: Jimmy Eat World


Best: Samuel L. Jackson
Worst: Jeff Foxworthy

Notable others: Big Boi, 2 Chainz (who would probably rank higher if he didn’t also randomly show up at Niner games with their gear on)



Best: Edward Norton
Worst: Michael Phelps

Notable others: actor Josh Charles, Hank Aaron, Stacy Keibler

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Best: Rob Ford
Worst: Donald Trump

Big drop-off for their best celebrity fan after Tim Russert died.

Best: Brooklyn Decker
Worst: Ric Flair

Flair might have once deserved to be their best celeb fan, then he went and pissed off the whole fan base during the playoffs last season by firing up the 49ers.

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Best: Barack Obama
Worst: Jim Belushi

People might argue about whether having Obama as a fan is a good thing, but it certainly isn’t worse than Jim Belushi.

Notable others: Bill Murray, Oprah, Vince Vaughn, Ashton Kutcher



Best: George Clooney
Worst: Nick Lachey

I like to think that rooting for the Bengals is cosmic retribution for how great Clooney’s life is otherwise.


Best: Condoleezza Rice
Worst: Jerry “The King” Lawler

Rice would be far more impressive if she had become commissioner instead of Roger Goodell.

Notable others: Martin Mull, Brad Paisley

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Best: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin
Worst: LeBron James

Notables others: Chris Christie, Jamie Foxx, Jenna Fischer, Kelly Clarkson, Grant Hill, Allen Iverson, Chris Rock, Clarence Thomas, Demi Lovato, George W. Bush



Best: Matt Stone and Trey Parker
Worst: Roseanne Barr

Notable others: Don Cheadle

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Best: DadBoner
Worst: Kid Rock

Notable others: Eminem, ZODIAC MOTHERFUCKER

Best: Lil Wayne
Worst: Larry the Cable Guy

Guess which one more easily fits in at Lambeau.

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Best: George H.W. Bush
Worst: George W. Bush

In fairness, Dubya is more of a Cowboys fan, but this structure works better for the joke.

Notable others: Bun B, Dennis Quaid, Hilary Duff



Best: David Letterman
Worst: Jared from Subway

Notable others: Rob Lowe

Sorry, the rest of the cast of Parks and Rec only pretend to be Colts fans.

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Best: Lil Duval
Worst: Fred Durst

Notable others: according to a Jaguars blogger – the old man from The Walking Dead! Now that’s star power.

Very star-studded, that Jags fan base. Gene Hackman reportedly used to go to their games, but that was just because he was friends with Jack Del Rio, though who knows why.

Best: Rob Riggle
Worst: David Cook

I had to Google who David Cook is, but rest assured KSK’s resident Chiefs fan loathes him.

Notable others: Paul Rudd, who I might have put as the best, except he’s mentioned he was a Steelers fan as a kid.



Best: Serena Williams
Worst: Daniel Tosh

If this were The Chive, I’d be pelted to death with Axe bottles for defaming Tosh.



Best: Prince
Worst: Al Franken

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Best: Conan O’Brien
Worst: Mark Wahlberg

Just trying to see how many Massholes I can incite by badmouthing Marky Mark.

Notable others: Maria Menounos, John Krasinski, Matt Damon, Steven Tyler

Best: Brad Pitt
Worst: Jimmy Buffett

Notable others: Harry Connick, Jr., Ellen de Generes, James Carville

Our resident Saints fan suggested Brad Pitt for the worst celeb Saints fan, which probably means he doesn’t like gumbo enough.


Best: Rooney and Kate Mara
Worst: Lady Gaga (almost solely because of that tweet)

Other notables: Tracy Morgan, Daniel Radcliffe, Jon Bon Jovi, 50 Cent, Spike Lee, Brian Williams

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Best: Denzel Washington
Worst: Adam Sandler

Also worst: Kevin James

Also also worst: Ray Romano

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Best: Ice Cube
Worst: Tiger Woods

Tiger gets a worst for, among other things, paling around with John Elway. What kind of Raiders fan does that?

Notable others: Tom Hanks, James Hetfield, that girl from “Glee” who cusses a lot, Larry King, Axl Rose, Jessica Alba.

Best: Tina Fey
Worst: Tara Reid

Notable others: Kobe Bryant, Mike Trout, Will Smith, Bill Cosby, Carrot Top, Questlove


Best: Burt Reynolds
Worst: Rush Limbaugh

Notable others: Wiz Khalifa, Michael Keaton, Bret Michaels, Curt Schilling, Seth Meyers, Jake Gyllenhaal, Hank Williams, Jr.

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Best: Chuck Liddell
Worst: Phil Mickelson

Nothing against Lefty, but in times of indecision, I favor the person who can easily maim me.



Best: Robin Williams Alison Brie
Worst: Chris Berman

Other notables: Kristi Yamaguchi, Robin Williams, Marisa Miller

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Best: Joel McHale
Worst: Macklemore

Notable others: Daniel Bryan, Sir-Mix-A-Lot, Rainn Wilson, Chrissy Teigen

Best: Nelly
Worst: Peter King

Okay, PK isn’t a lifelong Rams fan, but he’ll be giving them favorable coverage so long as his agent’s son is running the front office.

Other notables: Ty Burrell



Best: Nick Carter
Worst: Dick Vitale

Having Nick Carter as your best celebrity fan is almost as bad as having Vitale as your worst. Almost.

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Best: Faith Hill
Worst: Keith Urban

At least having all your celebrity fans be country singers is Nashville appropriate, even if one of them ain’t Amurrican.

The Yellow King!

Via AP

The Yellow King!

Best: Matthew McConaughey
Worst: Tom Cruise

Notable others: Kevin Durant, Dale Earnhardt Jr., DeMaurice Smith, Bill Nye The Science Guy, Wale

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