The Best Moments From Week 13 Sunday

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Fairly often when I’m watching the Sunday games, I get requests from people on Twitter to pull a screenshot or a GIF of something that happened. Most of the time this is pretty helpful, as my lone set of eyes obviously can’t monitor every single thing going on in every game. WHY, I’D HAVE TO BE IN THE NBC VIEWING ROOM FOR THAT!

That said, unless there are only two games going on simultaneously, I’m only recording one at a time. Because my cable box only allows recording two things at any given time. So if the request isn’t coming from the game I’m taping or I didn’t get lucky and just happen to have the game in question on, unfortunately I missed whatever it is you wanted me to capture.

So occasionally I do miss some funny or awesome things. It happens. When I miss something, I try to fill in gaps where I can with the work of other people who makes GIFs and the like. It’s not a perfect system, but it’s the best I can do right now. What’s that? My best sucks? Yeah, probably, but that’s all you get for now.


Dwayne Bowe wears a shirt to commemorate his deceased former teammate. Debate the merits of that all you like. Spelling, however, isn’t debatable. And Jovan Belcher’s name is spelled wrong on the shirt. Oop dee!


By accounts of those who went to the game, the tenor of the crowd at Arrowhead wasn’t especially downcast, even considering the events that had transpired by the team a day earlier. This photo would certainly lend support to that perception. Though it would be kind of great if the crowd were absolutely miserable and here’s just this one goofy jackass with a dumb sign about hitting on cheerleaders.

Costas’ gun control speech at halftime was a glib, condescending oversimplification at best and rank fucking trolling at worst. I’m going with the latter for the intent. Seriously, quoting Jason Whitlock just makes it obvious. Anyway, that’s I have to say on Costas, because I know he’ll be back next week some shit about people who don’t like baseball being the root of all evil in the world.


This is apparently a sign at security check at Ford Field. It amuses me greatly.

Nothing to do with yesterday. Flubby just sent on this image today and I thought it was funny. Given that Detroit has been excelling the last few weeks in losing games in heart-breaking fashion, I can liken that to watching Mufasa die over and over.


Though someone in the game did knock down Bruce Arians, which is an act I always support.

If you recall during the off-season, Emmanuel Sanders got in trouble in Pittsburgh for littering even though he was the face of an anti-littering campaign in the area. Lots of laughs, that. Even more laughs now that he’s also littering footballs on the field for no real reason. It’s not remarkable enough that the Steelers won starting Charlie Batch, but the team had two of the biggest derpy plays of the game between this and Batch throwing it into the sound guy’s cone when he had Mike Wallace open in the end zone.

Courtney Upshaw doesn’t have a ton of experience in the Ravens-Steelers rivalry; this the rookie’s only second time playing in it. He seems to have gotten the hang of the hating, though, as it seemed like he was offering to assist Antonio Brown to his feet on one play and instead just walked away when Brown reached for his hand.


“We beat Chicago and all my cornerbacks haven’t been suspended just yet! Hooooooo weeeeee, life is great!”


This might be the only play that I saw from Browns-Raiders and it still seems like too much.

It’s always great when the game feed picks up naughty language, especially when it’s this clear. Judging from the video, the exclamation of WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE DOING comes from KSK interviewee George Wilson. Nice work, Senator. Anyway, the announcers later apologized that viewers’ delicate ears were subjected to such vulgarity. You know swearing on the audio was bad when the announcers have to apologize for it.

Actual quote from Larry Fitzgerald about the Arizona offense: ““I have no words. I have to laugh to keep from crying.” Poor, poor, Fitty, Here, Ryan Lindley misses him wide open on a critical third down late in the game. Fitty might have run in for the winning score, or perhaps just set it up with a first down. Instead, Lindley launches it out of his reach. We need good jokes for Fitty.

Drew now longs for Joe Webb. Oh, being a Vikings fan has to be a daily nutpunch.

Granted, now a whole lot of quarterbacks are even decent at tackling, but the effort made by Andy Dalton on this pick-six was even funnier than most. Dalton makes an effort to run to where the defender will go on the return, but the Chargers have a blocker there waiting for him, so instead Dalton just makes a beeline for his own bench. I’m sure the team would approve of that rather than Dalton getting concussed by a blocker but it doesn’t make it any less amusing to watch.


I swear, Week 13 simultaneously some of the best catches of the season and some of the most inexcusable drops. For the latter, here’s Earl Bennett.

And for the former, Calvin Johnson, everybody. Megatron has 2,199 receiving yards in his last 16 games, including the playoff loss last year. I’d say that’s pretty all right.

Tony Scheffler, c’mon, get you some, too.

This Battleship Manning trick dump-off has probably been included of every highlight package of this game, but I’ll still include it here.

David Akers needs to get his shit together. In the beginning of the season, it seemed like he couldn’t miss. He hit that 63-yarder that tied the NFL record. Now he’s missing clutch kicks on a weekly basis. Yes, the miss in overtime on Sunday was certainly no gimme at 51 yards, but he’s gotta hit one of these long kicks again sooner or later.

I’m sure Peter King attached cosmic significance to Brandon LaFell dropping what would have been a touchdown catch against the Chiefs. Could it also just be that the Panthers are prone to doing dumb shit like this? MAYBE!

The Seahawks prevailed in overtime, so few are likely to remember Brandon Marshall’s amazing catch and effort to helped set up overtime, which is a shame, because it was tremendous.

Philip Rivers was stripped on this dropback, so while it looks like he just floated the ball straight up, it was actually a fumble. I still think Rivers could float the ball straight up with his odd throwing motion, though.

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