The Best Of #Chappelle’s Show

By 08.22.11

In an effort to ensure we’d never get laid, my college buddies and I spent the summer of 2000 memorizing, quoting, and re-quoting lines from Killin’ Them Softly ad nauseum. Ever since then I’ve felt like I was a Dave Chappelle fan before it was cool to be a Dave Chappelle fan. So when Dave recently did his first interview in five years it dredged up some comedy nostalgia that makes my Party Down nostalgia look like some high school drama. Me after watching the interview: WHY U NO MAKE MORE CHAPPELLE’S SHOW????

But that’s why Al Gore invented the internet. So we can relive the brilliance of something like Chappelle’s Show over and over again, using images, videos, and GIFs to prevent memories of Tyrone Biggums, the Hater’s Ball, Clayton Bigsby, Blackzilla, Prince, Rick James, and Street Wayne Brady from fading from our collective consciousnesses. So here is is. The best of. I hope c*ck diesel Dave Chappelle approves.

Note to Netflix Instant: I anticipate a kick back for the bump in Chappelle’s Show streaming you’ll be experiencing.

#Chappelle’s Show


Blackzilla GIF Wall Via

Tyrone Biggums

I'm Rick James...

Rick James GIF Wall Via

Is Wayne Brady...

The Playa Hater's Ball

Game. Blouses.

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