The Best Of 'Happy Endings' #Penny Hartz

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08.13.12 13 Comments

I woke up this morning with no idea what I wanted to do with this week’s Best of #. It’s August. Expendables 2 is the coming attraction. Let’s just say I was light on inspiration. But then between Community’s odd new Friday night promo and the realization that Ron Swanson and the Parks & Rec’s limited remaining time with us are essentially the only thing keeping NBC comedy from flat-lining, I realized we all needed a reminder of the one network comedy that can still offers a glimmer of hope: Happy Endings.

Between 80 GIFs, Max Blum, and our ongoing love affair with the show you should all be fans by now, anxiously anticipating the return this fall. As a reward here’s all the Penny Hartz you can handle to brighten your day. Seriously ABC, you’re our only hope.


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