The Best Of #Workaholics GIFs

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10.24.11 10 Comments

Welcome to Workaholics week here at UPROXX, where we’ll be spending all week celebrating the most quotable show on television. Get excited.

We’re halfway through season 2 on Comedy Central and Workaholics continues to excel at delivering the lulz, making new contributions to everyday vernacular, and stirring up a nostalgia for those hazy years right after college. The show’s internet game is also “very tight butthole,” as evidenced by in-show hashtags, cast live tweeting, and Tumblr utilization. If you’re not already all aboard to downtown poundtown now is most definitely the time.

Let’s kick things off with a #Workaholics GIF collection that is sure to be appreciated by even the driest dry guys who aren’t familiar with the show (looking at you, Fred Durst). From there may be giveaways, exclusives, more features, who knows what else? Let’s just say you should keep checking in.

Sources: Workaholics.Tumblr & #Workaholics

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