Today’s Headline – “The Blueprint to Jay-Z’s BP3 Marketing Campaign”

11.09.09 8 years ago 13 Comments

WooHa with the win for this analysis of Jay-Z’s multimedia takeover for BP3.

“…As record labels marketing dollars decrease corporate sponsorships seem to give artist an outlet to market themselves to a different audience. As artist become brands, strategic partnerships with other companies are essential for their marketing plans. Companies benefit by finding a way to relate to their consumer and artist get to tap into different markets to obtain more listeners. Jay-Z’s marketing plan with the Blueprint 3 is a great example that demonstrates how great partnerships with other companies such as Rhapsody, Fuse, and DJ Hero can result in successful album sales…His recent performance at Yankee Stadium shows no limit to the corporate sponsorships he can obtain as he remains one of the biggest names in pop culture.”

While it wasn’t necessarily groundbreaking, it was impressive for a Hip-Hop artist to garner this much attention from mainstream media. Oprah. Performing @ the World Series. The impressive Fuse concert. The VMA performance (minus the Lil Mama gaffe). Jay was all-encompassing & everywhere with this one, going full tilt without being obnoxious.

Clap for’em, clap for’em.

Read the full article @ WooHa.

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