The Boston Bandits: As Cursed As The ’94 Chargers?

06.20.13 4 years ago 6 Comments


Odin Lloyd, the 27-year-old whose death has spurred the ongoing investigation that may or may not involve Aaron Hernandez, had once been involved with a local semi-pro football team called the Boston Bandits, who are apparently the ’94 Chargers of semi-pro ball. That’ll show ’em for playing their games on an Indian burial ground.

What’s odd is the Bandits aren’t strangers to tragedy, as Lloyd would be the sixth member or former member of the team to have died within the last 11 years.

The first, Derrick Rucker, died in an electrical fire back in 2002. Four years later, Bandits rookie Jeff Ibenewenka was murdered in Hyde Park. His killer was later sentenced to life without parole.

Jason Mitchell died in 2008 from undisclosed reasons before Cedric Warren was killed in a car accident that same year. Brent Smith died in his sleep in December of 2009.

Lloyd has reportedly joined that list. Current Bandits coach Olivier Bustin and the team could not be reached for comment.

Undisclosed reasons? Wow, you know that has to be grisly.

So if Hernandez is at some point brought up on charges for a murder, perhaps his lawyers could claim he was just fulfilling prophecy. That’ll totally hold up in court.

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