The Browns Will Have A Live Dog Named ‘Swagger’ On The Sideline

07.14.14 3 years ago 62 Comments

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Just add sadness.

The Browns know they’re going to have a little extra attention on them this season, what with selecting the most famous and controversial player in this year’s draft class. If the on-field product isn’t guaranteed to improve dramatically, the Browns can’t be blamed for not trying to distract their fans with various stunts and extra mascots. Last year, the Browns revived their old elf logo in the form of a terrifying mascot and, even more notably, staged a wiener dog race during halftime of one home game.

This year, though? Cleveland will have a live bullmastiff on the sidelines during home games in 2014. And its name is going to be Swagger, because marketing people remain convinced that’s a word the young people are into.

Initially it was announced to be a bulldog. That would have been a little obviously derivative of the University of Georgia tradition, so a different breed was announced.

So nice try, Cleveland Cavaliers. You tried to recapture the excitement of a city by signing LeBron James, but you didn’t count on the Browns being able to adopt a dog.

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