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03.14.13 5 years ago 50 Comments

Congrats, Chiefs fans, the Matt Cassel era is officially over now that the team has released him. No more having to resort to cheering Cassel when he gets injured. You can instead applaud for his exit from your team, which is less likely to the scorn of the sports world.

While some are speculating that there could be a Cassel return to the Patriots if Ryan Mallett gets traded, Jason La Canfora continues to hear that Cassel is very likely to head to Minnesota, where he would be Christian Ponder’s back-up. Personally, I would prefer Cassel and every other available crappy quarterback report for a 30-man Royal Rumble for the Jets quarterback job, I can’t deny what a tandem Ponder-Cassel that would be. I dare say they’re the exact same quarterback. Much better for the flow of the offense than having Joe Webb under Ponder on the depth chart.

— An argument that Christian Ponder wouldn’t kill Greg Jennings’ production if the receiver signed with the Vikings. I can buy that. It’s totally possible to have a franchise killing QB that doesn’t destroy a receiver’s fantasy numbers. Just look at Matt Stafford.

— Wes Welker reportedly turned down more money from the Titans than he was offered by the Broncos. Just like Peyton Manning did last year! Nice way to get something in common with his new quarterback.

— Packers lineman T.J. Lang is trolling Lions fans on Twitter, calling Detroit the NFC North off-season champs for making a splash in free agency. That is kind of cold. Can’t even pronounce them the full off-season champs. Just the off-season division champs.

— Martellus Bennett is happy to be with the Bears because they’re one of his favorite animals, but if he had his druthers, he would be on a dinosaur team. Seriously, how hard would it be to switch one of the stupid bird teams to the Pterodactyls? According to my thoughtless examination of the situation, not very.

— Cardinals sign Drew Stanton, plan to release Kevin Kolb. The problem may not be solved, but at least it’s less expensive.

— Nnamdi Asomugha is visiting with the 49ers. Because if it’s too costly to get Revis, might as well go for the guy who was once compared with him before he went to shit.

— Richard Sherman hanging out in Miami with Chad Johnson wearing trashy shirt that are ubiquitous on South Beach seems appropriate. Doesn’t the Sherminator know he can rock his own obnoxious quotes?

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