Clipse x Complex

09.21.09 8 years ago 6 Comments

…Shared mainly because of the Kaws-laced cover. Oh yeah, because Push & Mal > most duos floating around right now.

Complex: In this new age of the industry, where you have artists getting signed off one single, there are rappers just putting more and more music out. There are people on Nah Right that drop like 13 songs a week. You guys seem more…

Malice: Because we care about it, man. We can do everything they’re doing now. I mean, we can put out an album in a week. We can do that. But I wouldn’t be happy with it. I think our songs, our albums, singles, even the mixtapes, everything is handcrafted.

Pusha: Yeah, I think that stuff sucks too.

Malice: [Laughs.]

Pusha: All of that music I’m seeing every fucking day…all these 50,000 mixtapes. With not one gem on it.

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