The Commenting System Has Not Disbanded!

01.27.12 6 years ago 254 Comments

There are some alterations afoot with the KSK commenting system and live blogs. As is this is a fairly cut-and-dry housecleaning post devoid of dick jokes and full of scary change, we’ll leave all the sordid details after the jump.

The chronological order comments are presented has been flipped. To wit: the most recent comment now appears at the top of the comment section, as opposed to the bottom or within the acknowledgments of Drew’s book. FIRSTIES WILL GIVE WAY TO LASTIES. This will take some getting used to for all involved, but then you got used to wiping your own ass; you can get used to this.

Real-time updated comment notification is on the way, meaning you won’t have to refresh the page to see new comments from other readers. They’ll just appear as if by Tebow magic. This is partially the reason why the comment order has been flipped, as the page will have to move down when new comments appear.

We’ve given 15 of our most consistently funny commenters the ability to post images and video in their comments. The Uproxx overlords are wary of granting this privilege to all registered commenters because they fear (read: are quite certain) someone (Mew Dragery) will just end up posting pictures of naked 12-year-olds. We’ll add people to the list as time goes on, as a reward for prolonged funniness and/or sucking up.

Just to sow resentment and jealousy, the 15 are: Otto Man, Upstate Underdog, Grimey, 0tarin, Moose, TH, StuScottBooyahs, porkythefirst, LastTexansFan, Enrico Pallazzo, William Charles Schneider, Crocshots, Small Man on Campus, Lord Revisisle, and Nippopotamus.

IrishCream: Please please please, I want to make the list. Grimey, did I make the list?
Grimey: You sure did!
IrishCream: I did! Woo-hoo! Woo-hoo! In your face, Otto Man!
Grimey: Wait a minute, are you Ken Griffey, Jr.?
IrishCream: No.
Grimey: Sorry. Didn’t mean to get your hopes up.

As for live blogs, we won’t be using the CoverItLive application anymore. While CoverItLive had the singular advantage of embeddable polls, it was otherwise a huge headache. Comments flew through the viewer window much too quickly for anyone to possibly keep up with what was going on, maybe because only three comments could be viewed in the window at any one time. Another problem was that only a maximum of 25 commenters could be granted automatic approval rights, so a moderator had to sift through and manually approve comments from as many as 2,200 readers submitting comments in real time. This meant if, say, your dear moderator were to leave his computer to take a piss, hundreds of comments would go unapproved in that span and people would get irate. It was a clusterfuck every time.

In the future, we’ll utilize the model that the Uproxx main page has used with its “Archer” live blogs. On its face, this format more closely resembles our open threads, but once all the new features are in place, it should run much more smoothly and coherently. KSK will have one of these going for each half during the Super Bowl. We have plans to get special guests involved with the live blogs, but that won’t come to fruition until the draft.

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