The Digital Life: How To Replace Your Wallet With Your Phone

03.28.11 6 years ago 3 Comments

As our android phones fill up our pockets, something has to be nixed to create space. Lifehacker has an article filled with steps to help 86 your cumbersome billfold. That’s unless you’re Jules Winnfield, in which case you should keep carrying your wallet.

Your Sensitive Data

A wallet isn’t all that bad a place to keep some sensitive data—just ask security expert Bruce Schneier. If you’re stashing PINs or other means of getting at your sensitive stuff, consider switching over to using secure apps on your phone instead.

We’re big fans of LastPass as an all-systems, all-browsers password solution. Less known about LastPass is its “Secure Notes feature,” which stores and encrypts anything you can type behind the same barrier as your passwords. You can stash bank account information, health insurance PINs, and other data in their numerous mobile apps,. Most of those apps require a (relatively cheap) premium subscription, but non-premium members can simply browse to the LastPass mobile site to quickly pull up something they need. [LH]

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