The Emo Eagles Don’t Want To Bring The Girls Into This

09.11.08 9 years ago 17 Comments

Song: Taking Back Sunday, “There’s No ‘I’ In Team
Mood : Wary :/

Hey, the Eagles are doing all right. A few more performances like the one against the Rams and there might be serious cause for excitement. I know that’s something that’s hard to come by around here. With early season triumphs comes a return to crisp autumn air, perfect for donning hoodies and concealing the tan I didn’t get over the summer. Dare I say that things for the first time in a while are starting to look up.

Or at least they were. Until Jessica Simpson had to unleash her litany of searing taunts.

Women. Their cold, calculating cruelties never fail to cut me to the core. Well, fine, Romo beau, you with your lotus life. I know your new country album is freighted with heartbreak, but I know it not to be authentic. Nothing earns my disdain like the cries of apocryphal suffering. Besides, the ladies of Philadelphia are no less assured of victory. Just the other day, Samantha totally told me she thinks Philly is going to own on Monday night.

Okay, she didn’t tell me that. That’s been her Gchat away message and Facebook status for two days now. Even though she doesn’t speak to me much, posting such things is a clear sign that she wants to me to stay abreast of her thoughts and affairs. I mean, we would talk more but she’s always showing the red icon in chat, so I’m never quite sure how to proceed with initiating conversation. I just assume she has better things to do.

This team is really all I have going right now.

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