The False Flag of Sadness

04.19.13 5 years ago 32 Comments

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Its not a conspiracy if your RIGHT

Folks the events of the last week or so have to really make you think,, Im not one to believe in coincidences or accidents so naturally Ive been a pretty big fan of Alex Jones and his strong takes regarding everything.

I just am constantly taking my cap off to the outstanding work they do over there at Infowars. They prove that sometimes if your stuck in the weeds of the facts about a Newtown, a Arora, your 9-11s,, you cant put together the obvious connections. Let’s be honest, the only thing lacking in there coverage is any Strong Sports Takes. They have almost zero coverage of the NFL so instead of trying out for Bleacher Report who basicly told me I can go sit on a fire hydrant with 30 lb weights on each ankle, I’m going to try to be the official NFL correspondent for Alex Joneses media empire. But in the meantime I’ll let KSK publish my takes. You cant pull the wool over PFTCommenter’s eye’s no sir, no sir. Here’s only the beginning of what Ive been able to uncover through my research:

The Pittsburg Steelers are being run by a elite group of leftist billionaires determined to undermind the quality of play in the NFL and prop up puppet administrations like the Cleveland Browns, Mike Tomlin, and Obama.

At the top: The Rooney Family.:

It became pretty obvious to everyone that the Rooneys were illuminati when they singlehandedly forced the other owners to agree to the affirmitive action Rooney Rule which was lobbied for and written IMO by Sylvester Croom to get like 4 vacations every winter to different NFL cities. Since the Steelers never change coaches, the rule was created just so other NFL teams would be at a competitive disadvantage (not that Black coaches are bad but statisticly if coaches are getting interviews that they didnt work for just because of race they’ll interview more incompitent people and in turn hire more bad coaches=fact).

Recently though the Rooneys have gotten arrogant and careless hiring a incompetent show-off coach just to look cool at parties, and blatant pressuring of the Obama political machine to send Rooney to Ireland for a extended brewery tour. And lets not forget the Rooneys were also in bed with the Kerry Campaign, changing the name to Heinz field. Thank God for Ben Rothlisberger who recognized that the equal time laws were being violated and in a brilliant defense move for his legal charges, changed his female fan-club name to “The Coalition of the Willing.”

They’ve been getting sloppy recently and something just wasnt passing my eyeball test: They tried so hard to replace Big Ben with Byron Sandwich and Charlie Batch last year but the Steelers fans (best in football behind KC and several others) practicly had a revolution so they made up for it by bringing in Gradkowski and leaking word that theyd draft Tino Sunseri almost as a way of saying “my bad”. This just stunk to high heaven and I knew I needed to dig deeper. That’s when I stumbled on the biggest find of all: The entire Cleveland Browns franchise= a false flag operation.

I asked myself “who stood to gain from the Browns being really bad at scoring and defense?” and the answer was the Steelers. In order to finance there political machine and football operations they need to ensure themselves of at least 2 easy wins every year and thats a cold hard fact.

Obviously any good conspiracy needs a patsy to take the fall and what better patsy then the city of Cleveland? The only shot the Browns had at glory was cut short when the Rooneys blackmailed Jim Brown into a early retirement by threatening to leak his sex tape with Mama Cass= in retrospect a great strategic move lets be honest.

I started to put two and two together when the Browns started to look like they could be dominant with there Big Three ensemble of Colt McCoy, Peyton Hillis, and Joe Thomas. And then all of the sudden they somehow desperately needed a new owner (quite a coincidence IMO) and didnt even consider the GB model of being a publicly traded company which would have drawn SEC attention.

Instead, the Steelers insterted a puppet regime with Jimmy Haslam who was A LITERALLY THE CO-OWNER OF THE STEELERS. They weren’t even trying to hide it anymore. True, the City of Cleveland is a miserable place filled with obese dimwits with chinstraps and almost no paved roads (no offense), but even they dont deserve your Jason Cambells your Montario Hardesties and expect us to swallow that as a professional football team.

Roger Goodell, God bless him, kind’ve had his hands tied on account of the Steelers are such a well-run contending organization that you almost have to give them a head-start on any investigation. Thats why Goodell did the classy thing and in stead of sending in the big guns of NFL Security, he called the bumbling bozos at the FBI who turned this into a investigation of Pilot J convenience stores for not employing enough illegals or whatever. So mark my words if Jimmy “Udonis” Haslam takes over the Browns you can expect the Steelers to treat them like there own personal Building Sevens for the next dozen years.

But if the FBI investigators actually dig deep enough or read this column you better believe the NFL is in for a suprise and scandal like none they’ve seen since Skip Bayless said the entire Cowboys were just one big Gay shower. Its time for the NFL as fans to stand up and echo the words of Thomas Jefferson, “If your not mad your not paying attention, wake up get mad folks.” God Bless.


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