The Brilliant ‘Fear Paris’ Trailer Will Make You Fear Mimes

02.10.14 4 years ago

paris Ill kill you

One of the odder fads in film recently has been the anthology rom-com, generally centered around a city or a holiday. And inevitably they’ve been terrible; it doesn’t matter how many great directors you throw at a concept like “Paris, I Love You”, it’s still going to be a glorified tourism video. On the other hand, an anthology horror movie centered around a city we can get behind, especially if it’s half as good as the “concept trailer” for the upcoming Fear Paris.

The basic idea? Mimes have had all they can stand and they can’t stand no more. So they use the power of visualization to gorily murder people, all set to as many Parisian cliches as can be crammed into three minutes of video:

Yes, you just saw a bunch of mimes commit a series of hilariously bloody murders. If you’re wondering about the final line, the original title of Fear Paris was Paris, I’ll Kill You, which is a vastly better title but probably would not play well in France.

True, anthology horror movies can be variable, albeit the presence of ’80s mainstay Joe Dante and Timo Vuorensola of Iron Sky fame means we’re at least going to get two shorts worth watching. But either way, we just want more of those mimes.

via The Hollywood Reporter

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