The Five Best Moments From The Hard Knocks Finale

09.09.10 7 years ago 24 Comments

A solid ending to what was easily the best Hard Knocks season to date. Really, HBO is gonna have their work cut out for them topping this one. The culmination with Revis at the end of this episode wasn’t quite as revealing as it could have been, but it was cool to see Rex’s tantrum that got negotiations moving. Oh, and if you missed the America’s Game about last year’s Saints, here was the most entertaining moment from that:

As for the Hard Knocks finale, beyond the inevitable Revis drama, there were worthwhile moments from the several featured players on the roster bubble, in particular the especially clueless fullback Jason Davis and running back Danny Woodhead, aka the love child of Darren Sproles and Wes Welker (except he wouldn’t be mixed race).

One stunt that fell on its face was the defense’s revenge against Nacho for apparently setting a stink bomb off in their office. In response, some interns filled up his car with packing peanuts, which might be slightly annoying to clean out, but rates pretty low on the prank index, especially given their resources.

Here are a few moments that worked better:

(Oh, and because someone rightfully complained that we failed to work in the latest masterstroke of Mike Westhoff surliness, here is a link to Westhoff taking digs at his “dipshit” injured back-up linebackers on the stationary bikes.)

5. Kellen Clemens’ unfathomable sadness

Clemens has been a sad sack the last two episodes. For a while, it was kind of irritating, but now that he’s lost all hope that he’ll ever be anything but a career reserve, a simple comment about trying to do too much on a play bespeaks a delicious resignation within him.

4. “This is so easy, Schotty, you suck!”

The Jets gave playcalling duties to Mark Sanchez for parts of their final preseason game. On their first drive with Nacho making calls, the offense scored a touchdown, prompting Sanchez to tell Brian Schottenheimer that his job is easy and he sucks. Merely light teasing, sure, but I appreciate the mockery of any Schottenheimer.

3. “Instead of needle, call it, uh, dick.”

Like there’s any other immediate association Rex Ryan has with “needle.”

2. Jason Davis’ vow of revenge

Davis was the third fullback on the depth chart in training camp, which pretty much already tells you he’s almost certainly going to be cut. He makes the decision that much easier by very explicitly quitting during practice at the beginning of the episode, thinking that bit of reverse psychology might entice coaches to keep him around longer. When his expected release comes later, he responds by hilariously promising to take it out on the Jets when he gets on with another team. In one sense, it’s kind of sad because I’m sure some players have done stupid things like that and went on to have decent careers, where Davis now has to sulking broadcast all over the league on HBO.

1. The white chocolate Eagle killer little f*cker, Danny Woodhead

Coming into this episode, Danny Woodhead was your run-of-the-mill undersized gritty scrapheap with a white heart full of hustle, but in the finale, he was almost a drawing the best nicknames on the show. Which on its own is enough to get a place on the final roster.

On a final note, I have to give a kudos to HBO and NFL Films for not being YouTube Nazis and forcing these clips down the last five weeks. They very easily could have if they wanted.

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