The Friday Five: brought to you by Volvo and their roomy, if untidy back seats

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Welcome to the Friday Five, our unimaginatively-named Friday afternoon post where we provide you with five things the KSK staff is looking forward to this coming weekend….

#1 Marge Simpson in Playboy! I’m a little conflicted about this. Iwouldn’t think that she would ever go along with something as tawdry as this. But on the other hand, her jugs are as authentic as those of most the ladies in Playboy.

Who said Sexy Friday was dead? Oh, right Ufford did.

#2 Broncos-Patriots. The Belichick-McDaniels post-game encounter starts as a firm handshake, slowly becomes a tender embrace, then a passionate make-out session at midfield. SUPERAIDNOONEDENIESTHIS!!!

You know they wanna.

#3 On the other end of the love/war continuum, we can’t wait until the feuding Clinton Portis and Mike Sellers go toe-to-toe on the sidelines when the Redskins visit Charlotte Sunday. (Note to Portis: if you think Sellers wasn’t blocking for you before, what do think he’s going to do now that you hate each other?)

“Make your move.”
“Make YOUR move.”
“No, you make your move.”
“Hey, wait why are we wearing blue? Did we get traded to the Giants?”
“I guess so. Problem solved.”
“I love you, shortie.”

#4 Chad Ochocinco’s promised “Ricky Bobby” touchdown celebration in Baltimore. It becomes 50 percent less funny when Will Ferrell actually shows up to join in.

I’d rather see a Stepbrothers celebration. POW POW!!!

# 5 Spending quality time with the family on the couch, kicking back and watching the games.

“When you see it, you’ll shit bricks.” Via.


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