The Friday Five, Starring Drew Magary and Gangsta Cat

10.02.09 8 years ago 39 Comments

Gross! Drew’s kissing a cat!

Welcome to the Friday Five, our unimaginitively-named Friday afternoon post where we provide you with five things the KSK staff is looking forward to this coming weekend. Today’s sponsor is the recently discovered Gangsta Cat, aka Sebastian, the cat with gold teeth.

This week, we’re looking forward to…

1. Big Daddy Drew returning to Minnesota and eating bin after bin of fried butter.

2.  Todd Haley yelling, losing:

3. Eli Manning’s flippin’ sweet new ad:

4. The return of BEEF MOE:

5. Mike Florio calling Randy Moss lazy after he catches 10 passes for 116 yards on an injured knee:

Drink irresponsibly. We’ll see you Sunday.

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