The Gift Of Gab: Five Legendary Tupac Interviews

05.04.11 6 years ago 22 Comments

“What can I say, even the realest n*ggas quote Pac…”Young Jeezy

Probably more than any rapper, sensitive moments and ignorant outbursts equating to enigmatic openness defines Tupac Shakur. Credit such a veil to his Gemini personality, or better yet, through the various experiences his brief, but fast paced life afforded him. Either way, properly describing Pac is a task which is still incomplete even as we creep towards what would have been his 40th birthday.Music constituted only one aspect to the complicated simplicity of Afeni’s famous offspring.

In September 2009, I profiled one of the more underrated intangibles in Pac’s life – his interviews. They ran parallel with his music mainly due to the fact both provided unfiltered insight into the mind of one of Hip Hop’s most troubled and brightest minds. His words have grew to become – evidenced by recent songs from Dom Kennedy, Lil Wayne and Fabolous – blueprints for how many operate throughout the industry and life in general. The following clips depict five revealing and entertaining interviews from the man himself. Some are heartfelt and compassionate. Others are Pac at his ignorance-filled height.

He was never one way all the time. Instead of running from this, he embraced his flaws. And became an icon for a generation he ultimately gave his life for in the process.

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