“The Good Earth…”

01.21.09 9 years ago 27 Comments

During the holidays & when you return back to work, some of the first questions people is “How were your holidays?” “What’d you get?”

The above pic is what I got for my family.

That’s right. Good green earth & some bricks. A house.

*golf clap*

Thank you.

It’s very modest. It’s in a subdivision. It’s got shrubs. All that.

In a significant way, it signifies change. No more worrying about disturbing my neighbors by playing my music too loud through paper thin walls or hearing someone walking above me in the adjoining apartment. No more paranoid musings thinking a landlord could barge in unannounced @ any time because they had a key to my domain too. Now, the kids have a legitimate yard to run around in & play.

But it also means, other changes as well. Grass to cut. Something breaks, there’s no landlord to call. Added responsibility. Taxes. No more thinking that if some shit hit the fan, I could pack my duffle & run to wherever (“fuck yo lease”).

No matter what, this is good. After three to four solid years of saving while cleaning up my credit, I was ready. Roots are planted for at least a few years.

My gift to myself/my “security system” is pictured below.

I’ve had choppers, grenades (a gift; they went unused), Desert’s, Mac’s and all that jazz. But as my life slowed down over recent years, I got away from all the heavy artillery. It was a little too much to have laying around the house. I promised myself that when I did eventually buy a house, I’d cop a shotty to go with it.

So the past few weekends, I’ve been hitting the gun shows trying to get my hands on one. Quite a task considering folks are buying up all the 12 gauges before Obama & his administration take office. And I had a specific size & model in mind (always so damn picky). Yep, one of the beautiful aspects of the South is there’s a gun show every other weekend & the laws or so lax that even a multiple misdemeanor-having prick such as myself can walk in & walk out with whatever he might need. Yep, me and what seemed like only a handful of other Negroes making our way through a see of white folks in camouflage.

Yep, so here we are. I’m not over the hill (fuck you Teef!). I have, however, rounded a corner in life. I’m settled.

You can come visit, but do call in advance. We don’t like strangers poppin’ up unannounced. And you don’t wanna be greeted by that thing @ the door. Because this is the Gotty™ household…

…and we don’t keep the safeties on for shit.

Oh yeah, that’s another one I picked up to accompany the shotty.

And now for our almost-fitting musical selection…

Volume 10 – Pistol Grip Pump

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