The Greatest Unattributed Quotation Of All Time

03.24.10 7 years ago 71 Comments

Austin 3:16 Says shut the f*ck up.

In what will ultimately go down as the best thing to ever happen at the combine, somebody finally told Tim Tebow to stuff his Jebus in a sack.

At the Scouting Combine, the Wonderlic exam is administered to players in groups. The 12-minute test is preceded by some brief instructions and comments from the person administering the test.

Per a league source, after the person administering the test to Tebow’s group had finished, Tebow made a request that the players bow their heads in prayer before taking the 50-question exam.

Said one of the other players in response: “Shut the f–k up.” Others players in the room then laughed.

I’ve never wanted an anonymously sourced Florio report to be more true. If it is so, this unknown Combine invitee just shot up to the top of the first round on my own personal draft board, right above an offensive tackle and “anybody but Jimmy Clausen.”

Might I suggest that we all bow our heads and silently pray that none of our teams draft Jimmy Clausen?

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