“The Hip Hop Dance Experience” Goes Behind The Scenes With Ben J Of The New Boyz

11.16.12 5 years ago

The New Boyz left their dent in music and playlists nationwide with their dance-inspired hit “I’m A Jerk” Now, fans who jammed along to the chart-topping ditty from the Cali-based duo will be able to duke it out against their friends interactively, thanks to The Hip Hop Dance Experience. The video showcases Ben J breaking down the Southern California dance scene, discusses how his group got involved with the jerk movement, and demo’s Ubisoft’s new video game.

And in the same way Ben J and Legacy brought the LA-made dance mainstream, you can bring all the dipping, pin-drops and reject steps to your living room. Instead of simply breaking a sweat for cred, the game keeps score, picking a unanimous winner once and for all.

The game soundtrack features other body-rocking jams by Cassie, Lil’ Wayne, Nelly, Pitbull, B.o.B, Too $hort and more plus exclusive dance moves by some of the industry’s top choreographers. To have Ubisoft’s The Hip-Hop Dance Experience heat up your house this winter and purchase the game for your Kinect for Xbox 360® and the Wii system from Nintendo on Amazon or at your local electronics retailer. For more details, visit www.TheHipHopDanceExperience.com and Facebook.

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