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Francine Dee

Francine Dee

The Impact Of A Government Shutdown [Wash Post]

Walter White’s Meth Money, Charted [The New Yorker]

DEA Says It Arrested A Real-Life Evil ‘A Team’ [NY Mag]

The Hatemonger Next Door [Salon]

Most Honest Cities: The Reader’s Digest “Lost Wallet” Test [Reader’s Digest]

Does Kanye West’s Ambition Go Too Far? [Guardian]

Tech Company Stiffs Strip Club On $30k Tab [Peeperz]

Good Gravy! Spicy J Got A Donk [The Spizzy]

Sanaa Lathan dating Colin Kaepernick? [Rolling Out]

What Sites Will Go Offline If The Government Shuts Down [Ars Technica]

Man Accidentally Sets Himself On Fire Trying To Burn Down Ex’s Business [Urban Daily]

Rocko Spoke To Gucci Mane About Twitter Slander [Hip-Hop Wired]

Yes, You Can Buy Cool Sneakers at Kohl’s [Complex]

The Oral History of Adam Sandler’s ‘They’re All Gonna Laugh at You!’ [Spin]

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