The Importance Of H1GHER LEARNING

03.04.11 7 years ago 2 Comments

Aside from sneakers & stickers, I get quite a few other items in the mail daily and I like to share as many of them as possible, either on here or via social networking. Presentation is key to making whatever you’re advertising stick out and it looks like my good pal KJ over @ H1GHER LEARNING understands that clearly. These buttons and badges are great, inexpensive marketing tools but the cardboard holder really makes the packaging stand out, creating an impact and a lasting impression. If you define yourself to an audience at large as an influencer, make sure what everything you apply your name on stands out larger than life.

Thanks to KJ for the package and the handwritten “top 10” on the envelope, which I’m sure gave the postal workers a good laugh as much as it did for me too.

You can catch KJ online via his site as well as Twitter and offline at his upcoming “The Big Mix” event.

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