The Internet Cool Club Reacts To Kanye’s “Power”

05.31.10 7 years ago 25 Comments

These things are always fun to take part in and to read. Complex called in the Hip-Hop’s tastemakers to wax poetic regarding their initial reaction to Kanye’s “Power.” The first time this group convened it was for Eminem’s “Not Afraid” and the reactions were more mixed. But for this one, I think the overall response looks to be fairly positive across the board.

After I posted here on TSS, my mind was already made up. I think I threw my words together after two spins, already deeming the song worthy of a spot on the playlist. Also, I wanted to keep the response an honest freestyle first reaction, period.

”I just needed time alone with my own thoughts, Got treasures in my mind but couldn’t open up my own vaults.’—I love my Gemini brother because he encompasses all that we are. Our duality. The ability to be extroverted and introverted at the drop of a hat. Funny, yet serious. The same exuberance and emotion that ultimately led to his self-sanctioned sabbatical are the same characteristics that make this song work. He injects a sense of humor into his words and commands the song’s cadence, melding words that others might not be able to fit into a line. Above all, I tend to believe the rhymes he spits to be honest and true because he’s always showed us that side of his Gem. A good first showing for Good Ass Job.”

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