The iPod Shuffle – Diddy’s “Victory”

11.03.11 6 years ago 9 Comments

“Victory” is one of 1997’s standout moments and proof Diddy, the popstar, was well on his way to taking over our lives. But you know what else it held? The scary, exciting and ultimately depressing evidence that Biggie Smalls was only going to get better. His first verse could very well be the finest of his entire career.

“Francis, M to the iz-H phenominal
Gun rest under your vest by the abdominal
Rhyme a few bars so I can buy a few cars
And I kick a few flows so I can pimp a few hoes
Excellence is my presence, never tense
Never hesitant, leave a nigga bent real quick
Real sick, brawl nights, I perform like Mike
Anyone — Tyson, Jordan, Jackson…”

Long live Frank White.

Puff Daddy Feat. The Notorious B.I.G. & Busta Rhymes – “Victory”

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