The iPod Shuffle – “Dontchange”

04.04.11 7 years ago 9 Comments

For reasons unknown to me (hence, the reason of having an iPod on shuffle), this song poured through my ear phones the other day. Musiq has long been a dope artist in my book with a few classic records to his name, but this song in particular always stuck to my ribs. I’ve never been an overly sensitive person. On the same accord, I have always appreciated quality R&B to the utmost, and this was a personification. “Dontchange” wasn’t flashy. Rather, it was honest, brutally honest. It was song championing the idea of appreciating someone for who they are merely because they valued the exact same quality about yourself. Go figure, right?

Ultimately, the video just so happened to make the song that much more potent.

Musiq’s sixth album MusiqInTheMagiq hits shelves May 4th. Head over to for the full tracklisting.

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