The iPod Shuffle – Goodie Mob’s “Fighting”

05.10.12 6 years ago 11 Comments

Trackstar took up the ardrous task of narrowing down Organized Noize’s humongous catalog to 50 cuts for his Out Of Darkness mix. Better him than me because I would’ve picked up half of Goodie’s 1995 debut, Soul Food, mixed in a smattering of Rube’s speeches and left cats to tell me all the other tracks I missed. Interestingly enough, “Fighting” is the lone track on the album that wasn’t produced solely by ONP. Fellow Atlanta-based producer Mixzo got co-production credits on the record. And “Fighting” features Joi, right as she was beginning to carve her lane as a solo artist.

Goodie Mob Feat. Joi – “Fighting” (Prod. By Organized Noize and Mixzo)

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