The iPod Shuffle – Lauryn Hill & D’Angelo’s “Nothing Even Matters”

08.11.12 5 years ago 8 Comments

God bless Hip-Hop, but there’s nothing like classic R&B either. Up late night one night working on a variety of projects, L-Boogie and D’Angelo’s buttery smooth, bedroom staple “Nothing Even Matters” emerged from the iTunes abyss. It’d be foolish to wonder what an entire project from these two would sound like in 2012. But in 1998, though? Sweet baby Jesus it could have been one of the greatest pieces of work to grant to pleasure to any of our earlobes.

Regardless, certain songs – like this – can send a person into nostalgia overload reminding them of a certain person and/or certain situation. So I wasn’t complaining either way.

Lauryn Hill Feat. D’Angelo – “Nothing Even Matters”

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