The iPod Shuffle – Max B’s “Picture Me Rollin'”

05.21.13 4 years ago 7 Comments

Quite the important birth date in New York Hip-Hop history, indeed. As customary this time of year, the game paid homage to B.I.G. on what would’ve been his 41st birthday. Fellow May 21st baby, Max B, also celebrates his 35th year above dirt today.

According to French, The Boss Don is in the process of preparing another appeal for his role in a robbery/murder in 2006 which has him serving a 75-year sentence. Instead of focusing on grim reality of Max’s situation, shifting attention to the music feels more appropriate. “Picture Me Rollin'” from 2006’s Public Domain 3 actually dropped when Biggavel was initially charged with the crime he’s currently serving “three hots and a cot” for. Yet, it remains a personal career highlight showcasing Max’s charisma, cadence and the unique sound he brought to rap.*

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* – If Max is ever released, here’s to he and Future releasing a five song EP. A title hasn’t hit me yet, but they’d be like the hood KCi and JoJo.

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