The iPod Shuffle – Michael Jackson’s “Remember The Time”

06.25.12 5 years ago 8 Comments

If I’m not mistaken, “Remember The Time” debuted on MTV and/or FOX. That, alone, is proof how impactful and iconic of an artist Michael Jackson truly was, is and will always be. Three years to the day when the world stopped upon learning about Jack’s passing, there’s not much to say about Gary, Indiana’s, first son that hasn’t been said throughout the past six decades.

Mike had Eddie Murphy and Magic Johnson – two of the biggest stars in the world in 1992 – playing wingman in his near ten minute mini-movie*. Like you or I, Joe and Cat’s baby boy had his demons with the “only” difference being his life was an exact representation of The Truman Show. There’s a time and place to speak on his pitfalls though, but for right now, pay homage to the art he left the world. Pay homage to the greatest entertainer who ever lived.

* – Funny, I totally forgot Dee-Bo was in here, too.

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