The iPod Shuffle – Rick Ross’ “Deeper Than Rap (Lost Intro)”

09.24.11 6 years ago 17 Comments

Seeing as how “Mafia Music” was aggressive enough and a prime example of quintessential Ross, I’m not mad this “lost intro” did not kick things off for The Fat Man’s 2009 LP. But he couldn’t have thrown this on the project? Like, anywhere? There’s two or three songs this should have gotten the nod over and could have made for a notable interlude-like track. Anyway, it came on the iPod the other day, and I found myself upset all over again.

“Lord forgive for my sins but I had to serve
Staring out of a Benz is what I deserve
When every nigga that you know got a felony
How will I ever get to grow into better me
That’s why we all broke is what you telling me?
Mama go to church but shit so far from heavenly
Let me tell you about the last beef, AK-47 seven times seven feet
Gave that bitch a bloodbath, shit is organized you gotta bring them drugs back
And what made it worse was the killer fucking his sister
Brother was victim, she fell in love with a villain
Pretty cars slept with pistols all under the pillow
Shot him in the kitchen heard over a bowl of cereal
This is deeper than rap
I guess a box of Captain Crunch get you you get deeper than that…”

That’s not his life though! There, I already said it for you.

Rick Ross – “Deeper Than Rap (Lost Intro)”

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