The iPod Shuffle – T.I.’s “Every Chance I Get”

06.08.11 6 years ago 9 Comments

“I just spit it how I live it homie I don’t be lyin
Would it make you feel better if I put my pockets on a diet?
If I made less money, started to dress bummy
Would the haters and the critics have more respect for me?
Should I downgrade the crib and the way I live?
Naw, how about I don’t and we just say I did, nigga…”

Paper Trail has aged quite nicely since its 2008 release. Even three years later, the energy from “Every Chance I Get” still gets a charge out of me and creates that feeling hope all over again that Tip can compose this type of material once he’s released from prison this September.

Given everything both personally and professionally for Clifford, it feels a lifetime has passed since I penned this.

T.I. – “Every Chance I Get”

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