The iPod Shuffle – T.I.’s “Doin’ My Job”

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“I don’t know if you don’t know, don’t care or can’t see
Every time something up in the hood, it ain’t me
And I ain’t always up to no good and on the creep
So we ain’t always gotta pass through the hood without speaking (how you doing)
We ain’t out here threatining your lives, raping your children
We just out here staying alive, making a million (you know)
Working hard, trying to survive chasing a million
You hear us talking loud, just think of this is chameleons
Adapting to the situations, but accusations is still
We bulgarizing you house…pimpin’ you just hurting my feelings (maaan)
We got lives, we wanna live nice too
We got moms, dads, wives, kids just like you
But our options are few it’s hell in high school
When your helping with the rent, lights and the gas bill too
So before you go judging us loving us won’t hurt
Yeah under 25, staying alive’s hard work…”

As much as I’d like to believe otherwise, expecting justice or some sort of fair conclusion for Trayvon Martin’s family may be asking too much from a system that’s been flawed since its inception. Despite all the B.S. with this case and recent events in my own life, however, music has remained in its familiar role as the ultimate equalizer.

Tip’s classic, the Kanye-produced “Doin’ My Job,” ranks near the apex of his finest moments on wax, and the second verse hits like a ton of bricks with its relevance to Tray’s situation. All anyone could ever request out of in life is to come up, get money, do what they love, do good by their loved ones and avoid an early grave. It sounds so simple on the surface, doesn’t it?

T.I. – “Doin’ My Job” (Prod. By Kanye West)

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