Jay Elect-shirt-ica

04.08.10 8 years ago 13 Comments

You know you’ve made it when fans are inspired to put your name on t-shirts. Moreso, it’s even better when you didn’t even commission them yourself. Looks like some key performances have only propelled the Jay Electronica hype train, even when he leaves us hanging without an album to show for it.

These dudes from X Is The Weapon apparently don’t give a crap what we write. They most likely have “Exhibit C” on repeat, with the result being the tee you see before you. With the price they’re charging for the tees only covering production expenses, you can see this is not a profit project. Links to his mixtape and iTunes pages don’t hurt the cause either.

It’s definitely a good look for Jay Elec but rap lyrics on a tee has been done. Anyone remember the “Listen To Ghostface” shirt? But if I had to give props to anyone, it would have be the dude who was in charge of the spell check on this shirt. Thanks – now I know how to pronounce “yarmulke” properly.

Cop @ X Is The Weapon

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