The Jets Still Suck At Selecting People From Large Pools of Talent

06.04.08 9 years ago 26 Comments

Much has been made of the New York Jets and their propensity towards drafting horrible football players. In recent years they’ve gone so far as to solicit advice from some bald asshole who graduated from some dumpy college that may or may not field a basketball team next season.

When the Jets drafted Vernon Gholston earlier this year it appeared that they’d at least mastered the art of selecting the most aesthetically pleasing candidate available, but recent events have cast doubt on that theory.

With next year’s Flight Crew roster one member away from being set the Jets decided to open up voting for the fans. The final three contestants have been put on display and the team is asking their fans to determine which of them will be fortunate enough to be rubbed up against at various public appearances over the course of the next year. Ladies and gentlemen Mouth-breathing gropers, here are your finalists.

And now for a word from the fans…

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