The Jets Want Some Hot Brady Quinn Action

02.28.13 5 years ago 26 Comments

The Jets are bringing a strong troll game to their fans this off-season. Sure, the team is getting rid of Tim Tebow, but they’re working on trading Darrelle Revis as well. Not to mention, they floated the idea of hiring Cam Cameron before the former Ravens offensive coordinator eventually joined LSU’s staff. The Jets have also explored the possibility of being the host of the JaMarcus Russell comeback tour.

Now Gang Green has its sights on Brady Quinn, who would be one of five quarterbacks the team plans on inviting to training camp to compete for the right to be booed vehemently all season as starter. Last one to commit a buttfumble wins!

Quinn is a perfect addition to the sweepstakes, as he is hilariously awful. Worth nothing, however, that his one effective start last season for the Chiefs came in the game after Jovan Belcher committed a murder-suicide, so once things get ugly and Jets fans start offing members of the team in fits of rage, Brady Quinn should excel.

And who knows? This move could just be planting the seeds for more trolling. By signing Quinn, the Jets might be fostering a welcome clubhouse environment for players everyone thinks is gay (and from Notre Dame, I guess). Would then the Jets drafting Te’o in the first round be the most malevolent act a team has perpetuated against its own fans? Perhaps, plus it would be a fine supplement to this clip:

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