The Joe Flacco Banners In Denver Are Now Getting Defaced

08.28.13 4 years ago 45 Comments

When I first wrote about the Joe Flacco banners going up around Denver to promote next Thursday’s season kickoff game between the Broncos and Ravens, I figured, despite the feigned local media outrage, it was too stupid a thing for Broncos fans to actually get upset about. How wrong I was. Never again will I doubt the capacity of Broncos fans to lose their minds over the most trifling sh*t.

And so, we now have a Broncos fan creating a pointless online petition asking the league to remove the banners. What’s more, the Broncos official Twitter feed has had to smooth things over with fans irate because opposing team imagery exists in their city. And we have a local sportscaster getting video of himself proudly taping over a Flacco sign on the street.

Once again, this is why we don’t deserve nice things.

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