The Kaepernick Hat Trolling Has Begun

07.08.13 4 years ago 25 Comments


Of all the pointless off-season stories, perhaps the most pointless has been the controversy over Colin Kaepernick sporting a Miami Dolphins hat and refusing to apologize for it. The unmitigated gall! “But he plays for an NFL team that isn’t the Dolphins! That is bad unspoken team player decorum or whatever!”

I haven’t run across anyone who is actually offended by Kaep being a Dolphins sleeper cell, but I enjoy that Internet trolls are nonetheless trying to get 49ers fans worked up. To that end, a Photoshop is circulating on Twitter and Reddit of Kaepernick wearing a Seahawks cap on TV. It’s not the greatest forgery in the world, but if it gets a few rubes riled up, I’m all for it.

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